Crypto Hypers Launches Creative Solutions to Solve Marketing and Fundraising Problems for Crypto Projects

3 min readFeb 4, 2022


Crypto Hypers has launched a set of creative solutions to help crypto and blockchain-based projects solve their marketing and fundraising problems. The primary mission of Crypto Hypers is to help upcoming crypto projects improve their growth and development via its creative solutions and revolutionary ideas. Earlier this month, Al Jazeera published a report that revealed the crypto market surpassed the $3 trillion mark. New projects are launched into the industry, but most of them find it difficult to scale.

Crypto Hypers does not limit its services to only marketing; the goal is to improve the client’s project and open it up to many funding opportunities. Crypto Hypers aims to give upcoming crypto and blockchain projects a “springboard” to launch higher into the market space by introducing these creative solutions.

Crypto Hypers Creative Solutions

To help projects scale the hurdle of marketing and fundraising, Crypto Hypers have come up with these innovative solutions and creative solutions.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)/ Influencers

Many people don’t understand the importance of leveraging the power of influencers in marketing. Crypto Hypers team understands and utilises this method to push clients’ ideas to a broader audience. Crypto Hypers combines different influencers with a diverse audience following the goals and needs of the project. Crypto Hypers finds the best influencers with the best price-quality ratio and active participants in Telegram communities and invites them to the client’s community.

Investor’s List

Crypto Hypers has developed an exclusive investors’ list to become a compelling investment case. Through email marketing databases and SEO retargeting Google ads, the team helps clients to target potential investors. This approach will ensure a wider outreach and improve the chances of the project being funded. It gives upcoming projects an edge in a seemingly crowded market.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Many cryptocurrency and blockchain projects barely understand the full value of social media marketing. According to Statista, an estimated 3.78 billion people use social media in one way or another. Crypto Hypers has a team of professionals that understands the basics of SMM and uses them to promote the client’s project.


There is more to advertising than just creating a video or banner to showcase a project to an audience. All forms of advertising like banners, video, and text all need to be crafted to stir up the viewer to take the needed action. This is where the copywriter comes into play. Crypto Hypers has a team of seasoned copywriters that ensure the message of the client is well-received by the audience.

About Crypto Hypers

Crypto Hypers is a cryptocurrency marketing and fund-raising company that has been in service since 2019. The company has successfully executed more than 20 promotions for diverse clients. Some of these projects are among the top 200 on CoinGecko. Crypto Hypers adopts the Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM) principle to implement strategies and get the desired result for clients.




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