Giants go NFT

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Giants in the fashion industry are normally struggling to win the hearts of younger generations.

Ys (1984–1994) and Zs(1995–2005) are paying much attention to their appearance, but they are also always trying to stand out. They want brands to provide authenticity and tend to support fresh & modern designers.

That is why traditional posh fashion houses are forced to come up with more and more complex marketing decisions in order to rebecome trendy.

Burberry’s Blankos NFTs appeared to be the luxury brand’s first NFTs (*partnership with Mythical Games). Company announced it would likely continue to navigate the NFT industry through partnerships with other platforms. One such platform is Neuno, an Australian-based NFT marketplace looking to partner with luxury brands for NFT-based 3D clothing.

Burberry Shark

The game and Mythical Marketplace, where the NFTs can be purchased and traded, are built on an EOSIO private blockchain. It uses a Proof of Authority model that does not require any crypto mining and is more environmentally friendly than the more common Proof of Work model.

“Pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to innovate with our communities have always been at the heart of what we do as a brand” — Rod Manley, CMO at Burberry.

The toy invented by the team is a shark with a stylish skin print

Louis Vuitton has proven to be even more far-reaching in its creativity. The fashion house came up with a game running on mobile phones. The game plot is basically the LV mascots’ journey through fluorescent and all-shiny pink & violet landscapes. On its way to digital Paris the mascot must find and collect 30 NFTs (10 of them were created by Beeple).

These NFTs are collectible but never for sale.


Even though «Louis: The game» was the first LV’s NFT, one shall outline it’s parent company LVMH is a co-founder of AURA BLOCKCHAIN that was aimed at counterfeiting via blockchain technology.




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