Kings do NFTs

2 min readFeb 14, 2022
Kings of Leon

On St. Valentines day 2022 our team wants to share with you a story of out favorite band’s NFT. Be loved, be modern, be you

Apart from visual content everybody is familiar with, NFTs can be audial. With no mediators, no producers and no censorship pure works of art can be delivered straight to all the lovers.

Instead of launching just one track as a NFT, the cult rock band released the whole album «When you see yourself» in the form of a non fungible token.

Thus, the Kings of Leon will be recorded and referred as the first music group to release NFT album. Thats NFT’s price was initially 50$, it included an animated album cover and a vinyl LP.

One type to purchase was a special album package, while a second type offered live show perks like front-row seats for life, and a third type was just for exclusive audiovisual art. All three types of tokens offer designed by the band’s longtime creative partner Night After Night; the smart contracts and intelligence within the tokens were developed by YellowHeart

NFTs have also become a beacon of light guiding Indi-musicians through the obstacles and barriers inside the industry. In may 2021, the majority (57%) of NFT sales related to music fell to independent artists.




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