Romance in METAVERSE: escaping the reality

3 min readMar 2, 2022


The world we are living in today is not safe, prosperous or friendly. Day after day, it is becoming harder and harder to feel satisfied and protected.
The world we are living in today is in a middle of a major historical event none has chosen to experience.

When one is suffering in the real world, they try to escape it, diving deep into love stories, alcohol trips, drugs or, most recently — virtual reality.

Metaverse as we know it is a complicated mixture of physical, augmented and virtual realities. It creates an illusion of life that is so crafty, that the users consciously choose it over their routine. This cyber space isn’t as simple as PSP games. They can’t be paused, the life of meta characters never actually stops. People there become AVATARS — and are able to do party, work or have sex. Cyber sex have always been an idea thrilling people’s mind completely and utterly. Writers and directors were imagining it even before meta verses were created (in one of the most famous Black mirror series, for example)

Facebook Instagram and Facebook, which are also owned by Meta Platforms Inc., prohibit the publication of photos and videos that have a sexual nature or depict a naked body in the meta universe of Mark Zuckerberg. There is no Meta virtual sex yet.

How Metaverses are Changing the Ethics of Cybersex

Research shows that cybersex can cause addiction and create difficulties in building intimate relationships in the real world: some perceive it as treason, others begin to experience difficulties with self-esteem, comparing themselves with intimate and pornographic images.

Sex in the metaverses also has the advantage of inclusivity. With the necessary equipment, people of various social groups, statuses and genders will be able to lead 100% free sexual life without worrying about stereotypes or security issues. Due to anonymity and intimacy, it will be easier for people to talk about their sexual preferences without feeling awkward. In the metaverse, the user will be able to do something he’d hardly dare to do in real life — for example, go to a sex shop and talk to the consultant or attend classes on sexual health / blowjob lessons.

Psychologists believe though that it is quite impossible to replace sexual experience in real life with virtual ones: a person needs an emotional and tactile experience of “recognizing” a partner and building relationships. As for the issues of violence, it is likely to be practically excluded in the long term.

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All this will be automatically regulated, neural networks will be involved, and the control is to be very strict: as soon as a complaint is got against the user or there are any suspicions his actions are not decent, fines are issued or a user is banned.

It will most likely be impossible to commit activity of this nature in places that are not designated for this purpose.”




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